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Recommendations from Runet sites on the formation of a "first aid kit"

What a pleasure to have a first aid kit at home! At any time, without changing clothes, without a tie and without banging, you can examine it, feel the inspiring resilience of certain pills and roll fresh ampoules along the bottom of the box under the confidential whisper of syringes wrapped in a package syringe raincoat.

No one is interfering with your relationship with drugs, no one is trying to change your taste. You, according to your idea of beauty, choose the most refined forms and the most stylish names.

"Furazolidone" - he is unhappy and angry, one can believe his irritation, he will certainly not give the disease a chance. "Tetracycline" twists all the bacilli in the steering wheel. But better injections. More painful of course, but more reliable. Not just doing all kinds of stupid things with candles. "Sterile", "pyrogen-free" - how it excites and excites the imagination. "Wedge-da-mi-ching" - the name is serious and scandalous: "The corner is kicked out with a corner."

Considering that your arsenal is exciting, but I want to try weapons in action. Eh, to know only what it all comes from! Well, you won't go with a mild "diarrhea" or barely audible cough at the clinic. How to be? The idea is the Internet.

We collect the "first aid kit". Oooh, how many links, until the morning you will not reread! Well, let's start.

They tell the truth: "The world is not without good people". Good people cannot find a place without good advice. If these tips are about drugs, the drugs they recommend are also good. For example, a real "good doctor" from the site "Medinfo" suggests "for diarrhea... old GOOD chloramphenicol and phthalazole". It is necessary to take the drugs indicated with diphenhydramine: "there may be an allergy". And it's true, even if you take a nap in the toilet.

On the good site "Medicine 2000 - Medicine for all" there are national revelations from an experienced experimenter like: "american aspirin works best on a american person. Honestly, all kinds of" Oops "help worse." Here it is - a mysterious american soul! Thanks to some obscure mechanisms, "no-shpa helps relieve toothache", but "analgin is better. In combination with aspirin and diphenhydramine, it reduces the temperature very well"

In conclusion, an interesting intimate detail concerning the new indications for using the "good old" purple solution: "potassium permanganate... a multifunctional drug...", they can "wash the genitals of boys with various BALANTIDIOSIS "This is how it goes! In truth, the council is not a boy, but a husband, savior of small children. All of this is just "the most basic thing you can use at home without first consulting a doctor".

(The identical text can be found on the site "Myself 03". Such kindness, as they say, is a bunch!)

We therefore note: levomycetin, phthalazole and potassium permanganate .

Thank you, doctor, for the diarrhea remedy. And thank you for taking care of the children. I woke up in tears when I saw poor children in a dream stain an organ affected by an optimistic pink disease. But diarrhea and balantidosis do not exhaust the misfortunes that one takes to treat on the Internet.

We go to the site "Computer diseases, prevention and treatment"

Here, the question is asked more broadly - compiled "First aid kit at home and at work. A first aid kit, first aid kit for the office." Well, the diarrhea is overcome with chloramphenicol, which gives confidence that it will be possible to get to the office. And not in vain, a new pharmaceutical discovery awaits you here: tetracycline hydrochloride. The drug "has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial action. It is well absorbed. It quickly penetrates many organs and biological fluids... has no cumulative properties."

Everything is not clear, but it is obvious that a good thing. Why is she? Yes, "tonsillitis, bronchitis, purulent pleurisy, peritonitis, osteomyelitis, bacterial and amoebic dysentery, whooping cough, scarlet fever, meningitis; urinary tract infections", in short everything that can be picked up at the office and on the way. And at home, peritonitis with amoebic dysentery is more relevant and it is difficult to imagine anything!

And sepsis will help "Bactrim" in suspension. Sure too.

So add: tetracycline, bactrim (known as Biseptol).

Well, in conclusion, not just advice, but a whole philosophy of existentialism - the book "Art of Survival, The Art of Survival" by M. Buryak A.V.

In the preface, the author warns against a frivolous reading of the book, which "is not a reference book, but a manual: everything presented there seems to be worth remembering". In addition, the author admits that the work "maintains a humanist moral orientation". Rate it.

"Tired, dull, weak willed and lazy - in short, stupid..." "If you have mild discomfort, it is better to treat yourself. Buy medication while you are healthy," advises the author. Why? "In the polyclinics, the hospitals and the pharmacies, there is an increased concentration of infectious people. They tend to cough and speak, to grab the hands of the doors (it is astonishing that they do not allow it, being in an unhealthy state!). If you're not a homosexual or a prostitute, then likely to contract AIDS in a health facility. "The respectful" you "is particularly impressive.

There is nothing to find at the clinic with a kind of "cold". And all you have to do is "swallow the antibiotic... (aspirin or other suitable product)... and rinse your throat with furacilin". The risk of being at the clinic is in principle not justified, because "doctors are also subject to mental illnesses and moral perversions...".

So if you've recently opened the door to a clinic or pharmacy - tremble. You never know what type of "infection" you could get. Say gonorrhea. After all, according to the author, it is transmitted not only through sexual contact, but also "through dirty hands". Fortunately, treatment and, more specifically, self-medication are also described here. His "humanist orientation" is clearly traced: "rinse the urethra with a solution of potassium permanganate". Note that the opinions of experts on potassium permanganate are the same, it really works and not only with "various balantidoses"! In our turn, we can be convinced of the validity of another opinion of Dr Buryak A.V: "Check the diagnosis and the prescription with another doctor or in the books." Everything converges, potassium permanganate is an excellent drug.

Thus, the first aid kit was compiled: potassium permanganate , as well as phthalazole, chloramphenicol, biseptol and tetracycline.

But this kit will only save you if you don't leave your home further than before work. What if you venture away from the pharmacy at greater distances? About the antibiotics needed while traveling, read the next issue. In conclusion, I mean the following.

In a country with famous streets and secluded monuments, where the wind of change does not have time to disrupt obsolete slogans, it seems that only the traditions of antimicrobial use remain unshakable. The reserved pages of the american Internet carefully store the fossil antibiotics that graze there like mammoths in a cultural park. In addition, they are delivered as decorative "pets", purring harmlessly from all kinds of ailments.

No thanks. If I get sick, I won't go on the Internet! And I will not advise others to consult it - in any case, at the links indicated. And if ever, waking up in unconsciousness, I did not find a medical degree, I exclaimed:

I'm ready to wait for the doctor as long as I want, let him into the shoe room, and a tablespoon on the opposite side in my own mouth. I agree not to breathe or oppose the stethoscope brought by the cold, recognizing the interest shown in my wheezing. I am ready to be the last to line up for the quiet retirees who, without malicious curses, support the coveted door of the district policeman. I will be happy to make my ring finger even required, by giving an indifferent nurse dirty gloves to inject and pump. I will fill all the necessary vials with my blood and happily carry my urine.

And I will not do it for a piece of paper in celestial colors whose title is likely to be wrong in all the letters. No, I will go for all this to see another light gray, but so dear to my paper heart. A paper which, reaching out, will say "Recipe" in Latin. With whom, having come to the pharmacy, I will be spared by the initiative of a compassionate pharmacist. And above all, after having obtained with which the drug prescribed by the PHYSICIAN, I sit calmly in front of the computer, pump an inanimate mouse on the table and become again a surfer. A user who is confident that no "Aybolit" on the other side of the screen will start using me!

Diarrhea is the most common condition in which (as recommended by Runet medical sites) antibiotics should be used, such as chloramphenicol (chloramphenicol), tetracycline and phthalazole. It is not at all necessary that an intestinal disturbance (diarrhea) be a sign of an intestinal infection. Many causes can cause stool disorders, ranging from simple intolerance of a product to food poisoning, when the pathogen, but the toxin it produces, enters the body. The infectious causes of diarrhea can be not only bacteria, but also viruses and protozoa. In addition, most intestinal infections are caused by viruses, but even if the causative agent is bacteria, the use of antibiotics is not always recommended. With so-called "watery" diarrhea caused by enterotoxin-producing bacteria, as well as viruses and protozoa, antibacterial therapy is not indicated at all. In this case, the basis of treatment is pathogenic therapy aimed at maintaining the water-electrolyte balance (oral or parenteral rehydration).

As for the recommendations for the storage of various antibacterial drugs at home. Antibiotics are STRICT RECIPE leave medications, and should be used ONLY as directed by your doctor.

Why is it dangerous to use antibiotics on your own (let me dwell only on the drugs that are recommended to be included in the "home pharmacy" on the Runet sites)?